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Why Parents & Kids Love Kidz360!


As a parent, you always want the best for your kids… in every sense of the expression. You want them to be successful, smart & healthy, but you also want to spoil them and make them happy! This can often mean taking contradictory positions during the decision making process when it comes to simple things like getting them to eat their vegetables or deciding what time is fair for bed. When it comes to letting them make their own decisions, playing the bad cop can be difficult. This is particularly true when you ask the question “What do you want to do for your summer vacation?

Although eating ice cream and playing videos games all day probably would make them happy, you know this isn’t the best choice to help them in the long run. When choosing between summer camp or afterschool program options in Toronto, no matter what activities your young ones enjoy, they won’t want to go unless they’re having fun. Is there a middle ground? Here at Kidz360 Active Learning Centre, we believe the answer is a resounding YES!

Kids at play at Kidz360

Yes, summer camps and March Break programs can have an educational element, even if they are young. Yes, kids can have fun and learn! These positive, forward thinking concepts are what help our early childhood educators plan our Kidz360 Summer Camp Programs. Daily programs incorporate developmental teachings into fun activities they are sure to love. Whether it’s learning how to share & play together or working in small groups to make cookies, our daily activities and programs help them improve upon important life skills in fun, engaging and professionally supervised surroundings.

Summer camps & after school programs at Kidz360 offer an environment that parents and kids are going to love. Parents will love the fact that affordable day and summer camps are possible in Toronto’s west end (special pricing is still available for a limited time!) and kids will love the fun they have with new friends. Contact us today for information about getting your kids enrolled this summer at Kidz360! Click here to information and special pricing for our summer kids camps.

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