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We Turn Kids Into Superheroes!


Whether it’s the Hulk, Superman or a Disney Princess, just about every kid has a superhero that they look up. Depending on their age and the most recent movie blockbuster, kids (and grown ups) lookup to these fictional characters for a number of reasons. Whether it’s their superpowers or their cool factor, superheroes often embody powerful traits that make us feel special. While we can’t make your kids fly, we can help them become superheroes in their own right.

An often-overlooked element of superheroes is the social influence they have on their peers and their own confidence. These two traits are similar in them all, and are two personality characteristics that we help develop with our specialty kids programs. Whether it’s daycamp, birthday parties or afterschool program, we offer much more than just fun. Kidz360 Active Learning Centre helps your kids work well with others and develop important life skills that can make them a hero in their classroom, all while having fun and getting exercise!

Being able to play well with others, share and cooperate in groups are social skills that will be needed later in life, no matter what they do. As such, it’s never too early to start teaching your kids these important skills. Our childcare activities and specialty programs were created by experienced early childhood educators that know how to make learning fun!

We also know that parents not only like to have fun too, but need some time to themselves every once in a while. If you live in the west end of Toronto near The Junction, High Park, or Bloor West communities, then we have a date night babysitting option we know you’re going to love. In case you missed the most recent Date Night (our Big Movie Night themed Date Night) then you can take advantage of our next program on April 24 – Super Hero Training Night. Enjoy an evening out in this beautiful spring weather that is long overdue!

Our Date Night Program is much more than just childcare. Teaching your kids confidence and to believe in themselves are important traits that we will help them embody while you get 2.5 hours of uninterrupted date night time. Learning programs are cleverly disguised as fun interactive games and activities designed to keep them entertained. Designed by our own early childhood educator and supervised by our staff, organizing a date night has never been easier or more affordable. While you are enjoying a romantic dinner, they will be enjoying a pizza dinner and fun with new friends in our kids play centre. We’ll bring out the inner superhero in your kids!

Spaces fill up quickly! To ensure that your kids have a great time, spots are limited, so be sure to get your kids enrolled in our upcoming date night before it’s too late! Have some time to yourself while your kids have fun with us. Click here for registration information and start planning your special evening. Hurry before spaces run out!


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