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Top Ten Reasons to Join our Summer Kamp


Summer Camp is coming up quick, so here are the Top Ten Reasons to Join our Summer Kamp!

#1. Kidz360 offers Extended Care!!!
Our Camp programs run from 9am-4:30pm everyday, but we also included an Early Drop Off starting at 8am and Late Pick Up until 6pm everyday at no extra charge!

#2. Our Staff!
The Kidz360 team is a group of dedicated Early Childhood Educators who work passionately and tirelessly to make sure all the children that walk through our doors are happy, healthy, learning and growing!

march break camp

#3. Our Kidz Gym 
Our new kidz gym is a great place to keep the kids active in the heat of summer, with our fully air-conditioned space there is always new games and fun to keep the children moving.

#4. Outdoor Activities
Kidz360 is conveniently located in a residential area with lots of parks and Water Parks that our camp takes advantage of every afternoon!

#5. Our Active Room 
Our Active Room is a place where children can explore their emotions and build confidence. With a variety of different toys and group activities the children will be engaged with loads of crafts, roll play and much more!


#6. Kidz in Motion
Our Kidz in Motion fitness programs specialize in group activities that focus on balance, coordination and overall body awareness. We make being active fun through relay races, obstacle courses and other engaging activities.

#7. TeamBuilding 4 Kidz!
We create an environment in which your child feels comfortable exploring their strengths and weaknesses. Whether your child is shy or extroverted, our structured TeamBuilding 4 Kidz programs help promote social activity, team building and creative problem solving through active play.

#8. The Social Room! 
Kidz360 wants to provide children the confidence to be Social with their peers. In the Social room we provide them opportunity to interact with their peers and build new friendships.


#9. Every day is something different 
We provide a mixture of activities that change everyday. There is something for every child’s interest – arts, crafts, games and physical activity.

#10. We run the whole summer! 
While many camps only run for 4-6 weeks, we run our camps all summer long!

Call us to book now! (647) 351-9360



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