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The Latest Options in Boy & Girls Afterschool Clubs


Unfortunately for parents, children’s school hours don’t align with your busy, changing work schedule. If you have children and they are still not old enough to stay home alone, or you just want them to have more social interaction away from all of their technology, what is there to fill that void? Boys and girls afterschool clubs are a terrific way for kids to improve upon important life skills under the professional supervision of trained child care professionals.

Are you currently looking for options in the Bloor West, High Park or Junction communities? Kidz360 Active Learning Centre in Toronto is a specialized play centre designed to provide kids with a safe, engaging, fun and educational environment, and we offer specialized afterschool programs. Our team provides the adult supervision so the kids can be happy and enjoy themselves, as there is a lot of different activities for the children to do, many that build on important life skills like social interaction, communication and sharing. However, they’re not going to want to be somewhere where they are not having fun!

Our specialized program is designed to offer more than just entertainment. Boys and girls afterschool clubs at Kidz360 can help out with the boredom that can come from sitting around at home alone before mom or dad get home from work. It can also be used as a place to put your child where you know that they are watched and have adult supervision as well.

Another great reason for you to get your kids involved in an afterschool program with Kidz360 is the need for exercise. Children need to let off steam at the end of their day and go a bit wild, and we provide them with activities to help keep your child in shape, while at the same time giving them some entertainment. If you haven’t checked out the facilities at Kidz360, contact us for an appointment and we’re happy to show you around. We look forward to meeting you!



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