Planning a birthday party for your youngster is not an easy mission. Never mind the organization and planning, it’s often the cleanup and aftermath that drives parents crazy! Some parents may try for the ‘simple and easy’ option – hosting the event at their own house. While the kids are having fun at your home’s expenses, the natural role of being a responsible adult can make you feel like the villain ‘stopping’ kids from having fun. Don’t play the villain and don’t stress, Kidz360 is here to the rescue!

We specialize in hosting and organizing birthday parties for kids. If you live in or near The Junction, High Park or Bloor West, then you need to know about our Birthday Bash options, and our Superhero Birthday Bash is one of our most popular options. Comic book characters and have never been more trendy, and it’s great to see today’s youngsters enjoying many of the characters we grew up idolizing. Although today’s movies are light years beyond what they were a decade ago (Fantastic 4, Batman) many of today’s top grossing movies are based on the same superheroes of our youth.

Whether or not your kids actually do have special powers, on their next birthday we can let them feel like they do. Our party planners will design a program that they will love, with fun games and activities that will help bring out the superhero in all of the guests. We offer a variety of playspaces to accommodate your group, all you have to do is let us know the time and size of the group. The true superhero will be you!

Our Superhero Birthday Bash is an affordable and easy option to ensure that your little superheroes next birthday will be one to remember. We can even help you save on dessert! Kidz360 has teamed up with the local Yogurtys to offer special deals on their Froyo Cakes to Go and Froyo to Go dessert options and we even provide all the cutlery and plates. Plus, our staff will even take care of the mess and cleanup. Don’t wait until the last minute (again) to plan your upcoming kids birthday party, and make the next one a day to remember with Kidz360 Active Learning Centre. Reserve your spot now or contact us anytime for more information about our kids birthday party options.



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