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Spring has Sprung


The Groundhog may have let us down this year, but that hasn’t stopped us from getting ready for warmer weather. Spring has Sprung at Kidz360 Active Learning Centre!

This week Kidz360 Team Building Group learned all about growing wildflowers. A great activity that anyone can do with kids of any age (we even did it with the little ones at KidzFREE60), this showed the hard work and fun that goes into planting a garden. Take a look at all the photos here!

What you need:

1) Seeds – Depending on what you want to grow, you can chose any seeds. Double check which plants will survive in your climate.

2) Soil – This can get a little messy, but getting your hands dirty is part of the fun of gardening!

3) A container – We used Styrofoam Cups and decorated them with the kids to personalize their mini-garden.

So what are the benefits of growing a garden with your family?

Start with a small garden in the backyard or even a garden planter in the house to nurture your child’s interest in getting in the dirt and to bring your family the many benefits growing a garden can provide.


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