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Sensory Bins: Why They Are Great!


Sensory Bins are a popular tool for toddlers and preschoolers everywhere, but why are they so great for your child’s development and what exactly goes into a sensory bin? 

Why: We use our sensory bin to engage and develop many different skills for your child. 

Using a sensory bin is a one stop shop for: Sensory Bin

– practicing fine motor skills

– hand eye co ordination

– experiencing new feels, textures and different materials

– stimulating the child’s mind

– focus and concentration

It also helps the kids interact with each other and in turn improves language development and socialization!

What: In our bins we use, tons of different things to get the kids exploring, thinking and starting to observe/classify different items.

Here is out list of items to include in your Sensory Bin:

– uncooked rice Sensory Bin

– flour

– sand

– dried pasta

– silk flower petals

– water

– paper and shredded paper

– cotton wool

– felt

– dried beans

– shaving cream.

Also, we use tools like cups, scoops, small bowls, ice cube trays, spoons, chopsticks, and funnels to add to the fun!

Fun, social and great for learning, we use Sensory Bins is our Kidz360 Nursery Programs.

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