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No One Said It Would Be Easy: Starting Kindergarten


Starting Kindergarten!!!


For one of many stepping stones of life, I truly believe starting Junior Kindergarten is one of the biggest ones for….. Parents!

After helping many families transition from Daycare to School life I’ve noticed something quite common in almost every situation. Parents need an equal amount of prepping as the children, maybe more.


Each child is unique in every way possible, but there are some common factors that I have noticed that can help both child and parents when ensuring a smooth and positive transition into the school program.


1) Visit the school play yard as many times you can before your child starts school.

This will get them familiar with the area and it will let you feel confident that you know where and what you child will most likely be doing during outdoor time.


2) Purchase a Napsack and Lunch bag that your child can carry comfortably and open easily, but not a tiny bag either.

Teachers send home information and there needs to be enough room in the bag. Give them lunch in the lunch bag at home and show them how to open and close all the containers. This will help you feel sure your child is eating during the day.


3) Talk about it. All the time!

Tell your children all about going to school. Let them know what will happen. Dropping them off, playing at school, getting picked up by Dad. Every time you drive by, walk by, or bike by the school point it out to your child. Get them EXCITED about the experience.


4) Home Toys…

most teachers have a special day to bring home toys, so I would ask the teacher before sending anything to school, because of they aren’t allowed it’s going to cause a lot of tears for unnecessary reasons.


5) This is the most important point.

Quick, very quick goodbye at the door. Do NOT go into the classroom. Do NOT linger at the door. This will only make it worse for the child. Children always react to their parents reaction. Remember this isn’t a choice, they have to go to school, and you have to go to work. Prolonging it will only make it worse. Don’t allow them to think NOT going to school is an option.


Many parents don’t realize the small actions of today, play on the larger picture of the future. People always say first impressions last forever. This is your child’s first impression to school, their education and their work future.

Give them the confidence they need to go about their day!


“No One Said It Would Be Easy!” is our blog  series of tips, tricks and information is meant to help make your job as a parent a little bit easier.  

This series is written by Shannon Perry. Shannon is an Early Childhood Educator as well as a certified coach in Run, Jump & Throw,  who has been working in the childcare industry for over ten years. Shannon founded Kidz360 in 2010 and is a proud mother of her 8 year old son. 


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