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No One Said It Would Be Easy: Babies, Babies and more Babies!


Babies Babies and more Babies!

So everyone and their brother are having a baby, including recently my new born god daughter Aliyah and I have a new niece or nephew joining the family in November. So I thought it would be a good idea to share some helpful tips for new parents when they are expecting a new bundle of joy!

Many parents don’t think much past after actually having the baby. They get home and it’s a “now what” kinda moment. Here are a couple of things to think about, or ask a family member or close friend to help out with some of the things on the list below.


What’s the baby eating?

If you are breastfeeding be sure to book your follow up appointment with the Lactation Consultant at your delivering hospital. You may also want to talk about a Breast Pump, and feeding pillow to support you while breastfeeding. Something to also concider is that it can take sometime for breast milk to surface, so having a back up formula is a good idea.

Formula? Good question! Which one? With everything going on at the hospital and getting ready to go home, sometimes remembering that the formula at the hospital isn’t already stocked in your cabinets. This is something to think about before the baby comes. You will want to research the many different types of baby formula and find out which one they offer at the hospital. If they are not offering the one you would like to feed your baby then remember to pack it in your delivery bag. Try not to change the type of formula you are giving to your baby because it can cause them an upset stomach.


Diapers and Wipes!

And LOTS of them. The last thing you want to have to do when you get home is go out and buy stuff. You will be super tired and of course spend all your time with the baby. So if you forget or baby comes early, ask a friend to grab a pack of both diapers and wipes and have them ready for you at home to last you a couple of days. This way it will give you and baby some time to rest before getting back into the world.


What are you going to eat?

Seriously TAKE THE FOOD! I know everyone asks if they can get you anything, say yes! Please feel free to bring me a salad, a casserole, meatloaf….anything so you don’t have to cook and again spend time resting and spending time with that beautiful bundle of joy!



Ok this is a big one! Not as soon as you get home, but months before the baby is even due! Go look at some daycares that you may think would work for your family. Book a tour and if they let you go on the wait list before the baby is born then do it! If not (some don’t) then seriously ask a friend to call as soon as the baby is born and get on the waitlist! When you are going back to work, you don’t need added stress of not having THE childcare you picked and felt AMAZING about……Go Now! Mommy brain will kick in in 30 seconds and you will forget!


Emergency Calls For Help

When you are a new parent there are 2 things you will completely underestimate. #1 the overwhelming love you will have for your child, seriously words cannot describe it! And #2 is how tired you will get! Being tired can affect all sorts of things, like your appetite, moods, relationship with your partner, and even the baby’s moods. So the best thing to do is have an Emergency call person. This could be a family member, or even a trusted neighbour! Someone that can come over and help with the baby for  a hour while you take some time to rest or even 10 minutes to relax and clear your head.


Something to also consider is finding some local family centres or baby classes that you can join after having the baby. Being social and getting out will help you heal physically and mentally from all the changes in your life. Having a baby is a beautiful thing, but it’s a hard job being a parents and everyone needs help. So don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand!


“No One Said It Would Be Easy!” is our blog  series of tips, tricks and information is meant to help make your job as a parent a little bit easier.  

This series is written by Shannon Perry. Shannon is an Early Childhood Educator as well as a certified coach in Run, Jump & Throw,  who has been working in the childcare industry for over ten years. Shannon founded Kidz360 in 2010 and is a proud mother of her 8 year old son. 

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