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Kidz In Motion NIGHT GYM

KIDZ-IN-MOTION-KIDZ-360Getting kids active at a young age is no joke. Health specialists call for children to have at least 1 hour of physical activity every day. Why not incorporate that into something the family needs, like afterschool clubs and evening programming? This is why we created Night Gym!


What is Night Gym?

Kidz360 Night Gym is a dedicated hour of our “Kidz in Motion” fitness programs. Our program specializes in group activities that focus on balance, coordination and overall body awareness. We make being active FUN for the kids through relay races, obstacle course and other engaging fitness activities.

Who is Night Gym for?

Night Gym is for boys and girls ages 5-12. Introvert, extrovert, athlete in training or just needing to burn some extra energy, Night Gym is the place for your child!

There has also been a dramatic increase in unhealthy weights in children.  In 1978, only 15% of children were overweight or obese.  By 2007, Statistics Canada found that 29% of adolescents had unhealthy weights.  Most adolescents do not outgrow this problem and in fact, many continue to gain excess weight.  If current trends continue, by 2040, up to 70% of adults aged 40 years will be either overweight or obese. 

These scary stats are just a few of the reasons we created Night Gym.



Kidz360 Director and Founder Shannon Perry spoke up on the subject:

People seem to know that children should be active, but they don’t understand the urgent matter at hand – that they need to act now! Right Now! Getting children active in their early years WILL give them a head start to a healthy long lifestyle.

Night Gym runs on Wednesday Nights from 6:30pm -7:30pm throughout the school year. Our one-of-a-kind Kids Gym allows tons of space for running, playing and getting heart-rates up all year long! View more photos our of Kidz in Motion programming here and feel free to contact us today for details on Night Gym and to register! 



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