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A BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR YOUR LITTLE SUPERHERO Planning a birthday party for your youngster is not an easy mission. Never mind the organization and planning, it’s often the cleanup and aftermath that drives parents crazy! Some parents may try for the ‘simple and easy’ option – hosting the event at their own house. While the […]
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Daycamps For Kids Are Changing

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Daycamps for kids are a lot more sophisticated than what they used to be. In the past, dropping off your child at camp or daycare may mean that they would typically spend a whole day playing with toys or coloring in an unstructured setting. However, daycamps these days offer a much more enriching experience. Modern […]
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Sleepover Party At Kidz360!

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Parents want the best for their kids, and worry that the modern generation of children will miss out on experiences they had as kids, before the computer age. Before family time was interrupted with text messages and Facebook status updates, kids entertainment was much simpler, arguably more organic. A prime example that many parents can […]
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We Turn Kids Into Superheroes!

Whether it’s the Hulk, Superman or a Disney Princess, just about every kid has a superhero that they look up. Depending on their age and the most recent movie blockbuster, kids (and grown ups) lookup to these fictional characters for a number of reasons. Whether it’s their superpowers or their cool factor, superheroes often embody […]
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