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March Break Camp in Toronto


Searching for the perfect March Break Camp in Toronto? Look no further!

March Break Camp in Toronto

Kidz360 Summer Camp


“Our “Kamps” offer the ultimate Kidz360 experience. Combining all the best parts of our various Kidz Programming including Kidz in Motion and Teambuilding 4 Kidz, “Kidz360 Kamp” is the ultimate experience in fun and learning.

So what does a typical day at a Kidz360 Kamp look like?

The day begins by getting to know each of the children and helping them get to know each other with our ‘Team Building’ programming. For each camp we choose a unique theme to spark discussion and lead the day of learning and play! After a morning of thinking, questioning and learning we head outdoors to one of the beautiful green spaces in our neighbourhood.

A break for lunch, then we kick off the afternoon with ‘Kidz In Motion’ activities before jumping into Arts and Crafts time where the kids put their imaginations to work with a hands on project.

Our camps always have an option for aftercare from 4pm-6pm for those parents that need it, but regardless of the time your child is picked up, they will leave Kidz360 with new friends, new ideas and a smile on their face!”

UPDATE: Our 2014 March Break Camp themes will be (drum roll please)… 

Monday – Owl watching
Tuesday – Mermaids
Wednesday – Wild West
Thursday – Ireland
Friday – St Patrick’s Day

It’s going to be an exciting week of FUN and LEARNING!

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March Break Camp in Toronto

TMR & Kidz360

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