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KidzFREE60 has made a move to FRIDAY and is sure to be the perfect end to your week!



Every Friday from 9:30 am – 11:30 am we welcome the community to come and enjoy free play, arts and crafts at Kidz360 Active Learning Centre.

Open to all parents with children 3.5 years and under, we facilitate fun activities and hands on projects with the kids, encouraging social interaction and learning.

– hands on crafts facilitated by our Kidz360 staff

– tons of toys and learning tools

– space to move and play safely indoors


A great way to make new friends in the neighbourhood, meet other families and get your baby active and learning!

Although this program is free, we ask that you please register online so we know you are coming!

Why join in on a play group? What to Expect makes these great points:

 For your little one: Getting out and about will allow them the chance for meaningful interaction with their baby peers (and, if they are an only child, perhaps it will be their first chance to play regularly with children of any age).

At this stage, he’s more likely to parallel (side by side) play, a stepping stone to more socially complex play, or he might simply be entertained by watching other babies’ fun and games (who knew looking at another kid’s belly button could be so spellbinding?).

For you: Committing to a class or playgroup gets you out and about regularly, gives you a chance to play and learn with your baby in different ways than you do at home, and, sometimes most importantly, gives you the chance to connect with other moms (and dads) who speak your language. That means you can discuss current events and the contents of your baby’s diapers without feeling dull or crazy. Chances are at least one of these new friendships will become a lasting one.


Learn more about this program and some of the fun we have had at KidzFREE60 here. 

Parents & Kids (under 3.5 Years) | Fridays

  • 9:30 am – 11:30 am 


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