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Kidz360 Camp


This past Summer was one of the most exciting Summer Camp seasons to date! We had tons of fun with the kids, met new families, enjoyed our wonderful neighbourhood, stayed active and learned some important lessons.

Here’s a look back at a few of our favourite moments from Kidz360 Summer Camp 2014:

1) Beating Bullying

At Kidz360 Camps we always integrate fitness, a fun theme for the kids, and a second them – one that gets them thinking. This summer we tackled bullying and talked with the kids about what it means to be a bully, how to deal with bullying and how to avoid it. Read more about our Anti-Bullying talk here!



2) Monkeying Around

Getting kids active is SO important to us, we even put it in our name (here’s why), so you can imagine that getting outdoors and having some fun in our beautiful neighbourhood parks is always a part of our Camps. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, you will find the Kidz360 Team outdoors playing with the kids or indoors playing in our one of a kind Kidz Gym!




3) Kidz360 Stories



In August, we spent some time asking the kids questions and could not get over the great answers we received!

Here’s one from a very wise camper of ours…

Q: “What do you you want to be when you grow up?”
A: “I’m still thinking about it”

Visit our Facebook Page to see some of the other great kids Q&A!




After a great Summer we are looking forward to our P.A. Day and Winter Break Camps.

Contact us for more information or to register your kids today!

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