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Kidz360 Camp: Creepy Crawler Crafts


During Creepy Crawler Week at Kidz360 Summer Camp we did some fun crafts we wanted to share with you! These crafts are easy to set up and will have your kids bugging out!

Bugs in a Jar

Creepy Crawler

What you need: Colourful paint, colourful markers, white construction paper, scissors

Getting Crafty: We suggest outlining and cutting out the jar ahead of time, but depending on the age of the kids you are doing this craft with they could do it themselves.

Once you have your white jar outlined and cutout its time to get buggy!

Let the kids use their fingers to make spots with the paint in the jar. The spots will make the body of the bugs.

Once the paint has dried draw in wings, legs, antennas and eyes!

Let the kids get creative and give their bugs personality.

Finished Product!

Creepy Crawler

Pipe Cleaner Spiders

creepy crawlerWhat you need: coloured pipe cleaners, toilet paper rolls, paint, colourful paint, googly eyes, glue

Getting Crafty: Cut the toilet paper rolls into half or thirds. This will make the body of the spider.

Get the kids to pick their colour and paint their toilet paper roll. Once its dry they can start adding the legs and eyes.

Poke the pipe cleaners through the centre of the toilet paper roll and through to the other side. Bend the legs at the half way point where they are sticking out so that they can appear to stand.

Stick on some googly eyes and there you have it!


Finished Product

creepy crawler

View all the photos from this week’s craft here! 

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