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Kidz360 Aftercare: More Than Just a Daycare


Kidz360 Aftercare: More Than Just a Daycare

Kidz360 aftercare is a unique after school experience for children ages 3.5-12 years old. The children get to experience both of our classes, Kidz In Motion and Team Building 4 Kidz, each day after school. Created and run by our fantastic staff of Early Childhood Educators, our two classes also incorporate specially designed programs based on the children’s interests.

Our All-In-One  Before and After School Fitness and Teambuilding Programs

The perfect mix of “Kidz In Motion” and “Team building 4 Kids” designed for kindergarten and school age kids all in one great program. These programs, while educational and beneficial, are also popular among parents looking for specific boys clubs or girls clubs to enroll their children in after school. These specialized programs actually make learning fun, and they just might make a couple of friends along the way.

Our Team building program focuses on challenges that children will face as they go through their school years, such as bullying, self-confidence and leadership skills. Kidz In Motion programming develops interest and excitement around physical activity.

We have a great team full of people who love working with children, from a child and youth worker student all the way to a soccer coach who all put their minds together to bring out the best possible program for the children everyday.

Currently we offer pickup and drop off service to King George JR Public School, James Culnan Public School, and Humercrest Public School. Our programming and aftercare is designed to help children stay healthy and live an active lifestyle every day!

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