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Jump Start 2014!


This New Year we want to help your family JUMP START 2014!

All month we will be sharing ideas to help you keep the kids and family happy, healthy, learning and growing during these cold winter months.

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Our first idea comes from – Family Goal Setting! Get together and have each person in the family set a goal. Put it on the fridge or somewhere in the house where you can all see it and encourage each other all year long! We would love to see what your family comes up with 🙂

Jump Start 2014 with Family Goal Setting

Here are the tips on getting started:

Here is one way to establish your own family goal-setting tradition:

  1. STARTING – The best way for this to work is to sit down as a family — perhaps around a meal or special treat — and talk about what’s working and what’s not working.

  2. NOTE TAKER — Appoint someone — a child, preferably — to be your family note taker. If you have a child that longs to be a teacher this is a great job for them.

  3. PLEASE NOTE — This is not about blaming or shaming. Simply about trying to be our best. That’s when each person can decide what their ONE goal should be to focus on over the next month.

  4. GET WRITING — Set up a large piece of poster board and write everyone’s names, including mom and dad. Have everyone write their own goals down. Make sure you have a plan of baby steps — tiny actions — everyone can take to make sure they are successful reaching their goals. (For example, my daughter drew a book to remind her to read before bed instead of leaving bed to get one of us.)

  5. HAVE FUN — Write down each goal after each person’s name. Draw pictures of clues that will help everyone remember their action steps to reaching the goal. Use silly faces. Ask the kids to color the spaces around their goals and you do the same. Make it fun and memorable.

  6. DISPLAY IT — Hang your goals in a place where you can all see it all the time.

  7. REVISIT — Families should revisit those goals and celebrate the victories and guide and support the not-so-victorious.

Happy New Year!

-Kidz360 Team

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