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Getting Ready for Summer Camp


Welcome to “No One Said It Would Be Easy!” Our new blog  series of tips, tricks and information is meant to help make your job as a parent a little bit easier.  

This series is written by Shannon Perry. Shannon is an Early Childhood Educator as well as a certified coach in Run, Jump & Throw,  who has been working in the childcare industry for over ten years. Shannon founded Kidz360 in 2010 and is a proud mother of her 8 year old son.


Getting Ready for Summer Camp


Spring has sprung, and if you think it is too early to think about summer, well you better think again. Most summer camps are well into their registration season.

So we have compiled a few tips to help you find the best fit for your child to ensure they have a blast this summer!

1)      Ask around! The best thing you can do is ask fellow parents if they have heard of the camp you are thinking about. Get their feedback and share your thought too.

2)      Call and ask a lot of questions, even the silly ones! Where do they eat lunch? How often do they have water breaks? How many times do they actually go outside? What happens if it rains? How do they keep them entertained if it rains?

3)      Find out details of their staff, work history, where they hire them, even their age. Most camps have an adult who “supervise” but they are not actually with the children, and it’s high school students taking care of a group of 25 children all day.

4)      Have a site visit. Go take a look at the space they are hosting the camp. If it is something they only rent for the summer, find out if they have air-conditioning, this is something they don’t normally advertise, and we are all hopefully for spring, but not thinking of the AC yet.

5)      Ask to see a program plan or a past program plan. Some Camps don’t post their programs online, but during your site visit they should be able to give you a sample and if not, well….

6)      Most camps have an early bird special before May!! Whoohoo so book early!


Camp is such a great part of childhood. I know it was a wonderful part of mine. I remember going to camp and meeting new friends every summer. Those where the golden days forsure! Remember camp isn’t just for fun but it also helps your child make new friends and build their social skills. Make sure they are interested in the activities happening at camp, but also challenges them too.



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