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Getting Ready for Thanksgiving


Leaves are turning, turkeys are in the oven and we are ready getting ready for Thanksgiving at Kidz360!


This week at Kidz360 our Teambuilding 4 Kidz group worked on  their Thanksgiving crafts! We made place cards for their friends and family, each child writing out what they are thankful for.


Our other crafts included

– Decorating Pumpkins: all you  need is some orange construction paper and markers!

– Colouring Fall Leaves: draw the outline and let their imaginations and crayons do the rest.

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Our Kidz360 Nursery Group did their own Pumpkin decorating as well and got hands on with some role playing in the “kitchen!” View more photos of our Nursery kids getting ready for Thanksgiving on our Facebook Page.

Want to get the kids excited for the holiday? Here are some fun ways to put the ‘Thanks’ back in ‘Thanksgiving’ this year. 


  • Thankful Collage: Take poster board or large piece of construction paper and have your child fill it with pictures of things they are thankful for.  Have them write in the middle I Am Thankful For…
  • Donate Toys/Clothing: Have your child go through their toys and clothes. Talk to your child about how some kids do not have toys to play with or nice clothes to wear. Have them pick some toys out that they are not going to play with and clothes/ shoes that are in good condition that they are not going to wear and make a donation!
  •  Remember a loved one: Make a card with your child to send to a family member, friend or loved one giving thanks for something they have done for you or just to say thank you for being someone special in your life.  Take a trip to the post office with your child to send it out.  You can do this weekly or monthly.

Find more ways to get ready for Thanksgiving with the kids here.

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