Date Night

Need Peace of Mind on a Parents Night Out?

A great night out begins with knowing your child is safe and having fun. Whether you need to run errands or you have a special ‘date’ night all planned out, you’ll get 2.5 uninterrupted hours of time to yourself while your children are entertained and kept busy with fun programs that are specially designed to improve their social and physical skills.

We know it can be tough being a parent, and keeping your children happy and healthy is more than just a full time job. Stop stressing while trying to find the best date night babysitting options, and say hello to Kidz360 Date Night babysitting programs. By combining fun physical activities with pop culture themed programs, your kids are sure to have a great time, and they may even make a few new friends in the community! Furthermore, they may want to come back just for the fun of it – and you will be the heroes who get to enjoy some fun for yourself, or simply get some rest. No matter what you do for the evening, you can rest assured that your kids are participating in the best date night kids entertainment programs in Toronto that is not only fun, but educational as well.

Kidz360 Date Night is more than just a babysitting option for parents who live in the High Park, Junction and Bloor West communities. Our programs help your kids develop and work on vital skills such as physical coordination, communication, and of course, confidence! While you are dining at the latest restaurants or simply catching a movie, your kids will be safe and having a great time at one of our themed ‘Date Night’ evenings, which always include a pizza dinner!

Kidz360 will provide your kids with hours of fun and physical activity in our state-of-the-art facility. Kids can engage in theme activities, stay fit, and create fun art projects with our year-round programming! For more information on our Date Nights or other programs click here to send us a message or give us a call anytime.

Date Night on Fridays

Date Theme
January 26th 2018 Spy Training
February 23rd 2018 Valentine Dance
March 23rd 2018 Chef Junior
April 27th 2018 Easter Egg Hunt
May 25th 2018 Pancake Pajamas Party
June 22nd 2018 Carnival



Sleepover Party At Kidz360!

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Parents want the best for their kids, and worry that the modern generation of children will miss out on experiences they had as kids, before the computer age. Before family time was interrupted with text messages and Facebook status updates, kids entertainment was much simpler, arguably more organic. A prime example that many parents can […]
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We Turn Kids Into Superheroes!

Whether it’s the Hulk, Superman or a Disney Princess, just about every kid has a superhero that they look up. Depending on their age and the most recent movie blockbuster, kids (and grown ups) lookup to these fictional characters for a number of reasons. Whether it’s their superpowers or their cool factor, superheroes often embody […]
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Camping With Kidz360!

You’ve been working hard all week and it’s time for a deserving night out. Besides the inevitable question of where to go for your Date Night (hopefully somewhere romantic!), the babysitting dilemma always comes into question. Dealing with babysitters can be expensive and troublesome, especially if your usual sitter isn’t available. Your special night shouldn’t […]
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Rock and Roll Date Night!

DATE NIGHT AT KIDZ360!                 Friday June 20th Grab a backstage pass for a night filled with music and dancing!  Pizza Dinner and Rockin Punch!   Temporary Tattoo Parlour The Crazy Hair Salon & Wacky Face Painting Guitar Making Games including “Name that tune” and “Rockin’ out Freeze Dance AND LOTS MORE!     Drop off 6pm […]
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