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Date Night With Kidz360 Is More Than Just Fun!


Being a parent is hard work, and sometimes you just need some time to yourself. Making time to share a Date Night is a great way to re-connect and have some time alone. If you have been searching for an alternative to traditional babysitting in Toronto that offers more than just entertainment, Kidz360 is here to answer the call. We have designed a special Parent Date Night Program that offers much more than traditional babysitting services. Our program teaches your kids valuable lessons they will carry with them – in fun, social settings that they are going to love!

Our most recent Date Night program was called ‘Little Chef’ and helped educate the kids about the importance of making healthy food choices along with staying safe. We started off with some Kitchen Safety rules, and we explained to the children the dangers of using kitchen equipment such as the stove, knives and hot water. We also explained the fun aspects of cooking in the kitchen and asked the children what they would make in their own kitchen at home. When the children understood the safety rules we started to cook!

Kids having fun with food at Kidz360 in TorontoWe gave the children 2 pieces of bread, slices cheese, butter, and a plastic knife. We demonstrated how to spread the butter on one side of each piece of bread. They placed the cheese in the middle and a teacher helped them place the sandwich on the hot plate. The children waiting patiently for the bread to turn golden and the cheese to melt, allowing them to decide the ‘proper’ melt level, encouraging them to develop their own tastes and preferences. Of course they enjoyed the best part of cooking, which is EATING!

For dessert we made Rice Crispy treats by melting marshmallows in the microwave and then mixing in the cereal. The children enjoyed making different shapes with their desserts. Last but not least we made Fruit Kabobs. The children picked different cubes of fruit and placed them on their sticks. This showed them that healthier options can be just as delicious, all while encouraging fun and responsibility during the preparation process.Date Night fun at Kidz360

Adding small components, like sticks or making shapes with children’s food is a great way to make eating healthier snacks more enjoyable. It’s a great way to get children to try new foods. We have some great ideas on our Kidz360 Pinterest page to create some fun in the kitchen with healthy, nutrient rich snacks you and your kids will love.

Be sure to check out our upcoming Date Night on February 13th. You can sign up here and start making reservations at your favorite restaurants in the neighbourhood before it’s too late!

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