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Camping With Kidz360!


You’ve been working hard all week and it’s time for a deserving night out. Besides the inevitable question of where to go for your Date Night (hopefully somewhere romantic!), the babysitting dilemma always comes into question. Dealing with babysitters can be expensive and troublesome, especially if your usual sitter isn’t available. Your special night shouldn’t depend on the availability or reliability of a teenager.

If you live in the Junction, Bloor West or High Park community and have been looking for childcare options, then we have a solution you are going to love. Date Night at Kidz360 is the perfect option for parents on their night out. For only $20 (plus HST), your kids will be supervised at our Active Learning centre in the heart of Junction from 6-8:30, making it easier than ever to have a romantic dinner alone. Plus, with all the money you save on babysitting, you won’t have to hold back on your dinner plans!

Date night camping with Kidz360All of our Date Night Programs are themed and filled with activities that encourage positive social skills and pizza! Pizza dinner is provided with snacks and drinks, so while you are enjoying a fun filled night, so will your kids. Our upcoming Date Night will be held on March 27, and the theme is Camping and the Great Outdoors! We have fun games and activities planned by our professional early childhood workers that will help develop your children’s social skills, while giving them the opportunity to be active, have some fun and even make new friends!

Our specialty is helping kids excel in social situations and helping them develop important life skills, all while having fun in a supervised and engaging environment. We offer a range of other kids programs including Mommy & Baby Nursery Programs and Kids Camps, so don’t hesitate to check out our calendar or contact us anytime for more information!


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