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Birthday Party Mad House


Welcome to “No One Said It Would Be Easy!” Our new blog  series of tips, tricks and information is meant to help make your job as a parent a little bit easier.  

This series is written by Shannon Perry. Shannon is an Early Childhood Educator as well as a certified coach in Run, Jump & Throw,  who has been working in the childcare industry for over ten years. Shannon founded Kidz360 in 2010 and is a proud mother of her 8 year old son.

Birthday Party Mad House

Birthday Parties, Favourite time for children…..not so much for parents…

With all the inviting, decorating, ordering the perfect cake, figuring out what to feed the kids, oh and then the kids! How to keep them busy? Something that is new and exciting, possibly even out doing the last birthday party we went to…..what did they do again? Seems like at every party the kids run around like crazy sugar induced monkeys!

Need some helpful tips for your next amazing birthday party? Maybe without the crazy hectic running monkeys?


When having a party at home or a rented space the 5 tips below will help you have a great time along with your crazy monkeys instead of becoming one yourself


1)      Pick a Theme! Or a topic, this will help you stay on track and organized.

2)      MAKE A LIST! Simple yes, but did you make one?

3)      Have at least 5 games planned- this is a lot but sometimes children get bored with a game quickly, and then they turn into MONKEYS!!!

4)      Offer kid friendly food! So no that does not mean little sandwiches with cream cheese and salmon, unless your kid loves to eat them of course.

5)      Have fun yourself!! Don’t plan things that you don’t think you can do yourself! Have fun it’s your time to celebrate too! If you need help hire someone!

Birthdays should be an exciting time for everyone! So have fun with them. Children grow so quickly and they only have one each year, so enjoy it! All the little things don’t really matter in the end if you are a ball of stress, so remember have fun! Oh yes one last tip, keep is short and simple! Most parties are about 2 hours, that’s about when the patience meter runs out.

Please note all the above does apply to the experts at Kidz360, the only upside is we LOVE what we do and have a much bigger patience meter! Remember we customize each party for each Birthday Child!


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