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Believe it or Not, Summer Isn’t That Far Away!


Although the Loonie has had a rough start to the New Year, the weather certainly has been in our favor, with the exception of this last weekend! Believe it or not, the bulk of winter is over and Spring won’t be far away. This recent cold front wasn’t fun, especially for visiting NBA players who came to Toronto for the All Star weekend. For many parents, the thrills of the holidays are over and March break can’t come soon enough. While you are looking for March Break Camp options in Toronto, it’s not too soon to be thinking about summer camp as well!

Kidz360 Active Learning Centre offers both March and Summer Camps programs for kids in Toronto’s Bloor West & High Park communities. Located in the heart of the Junction, Kidz360 makes it easy for kids to work on important life skills in a friendly group environment. Camp programs offer games and activities that allow kids to work on social skills like teambuilding while getting active and spending time outside. After a long winter, get your kids brains and bodies need to get active with Kidz360!


For further information, you can visit our new listing on the Ontario Camps Association website. This website is dedicated to helping families find the perfect program for their kids. We’re proud to be a part of this growing initiative that’s getting kids outdoors and active!

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