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Kidz360 Aftercare: What Makes Us Different?


Kidz360 Aftercare: What Makes Us Different?

At Kidz360 we offer specially designed fitness programs for school aged children, to help them stay healthy and live an active life style everyday. Unlike typical daycare providers, we have a full range of facilities so the kids are not stuck in one classroom!

Our beautiful facilities include the Social Room, the Active Room and our one-of-a-kind KIDS GYM! This means that we are able to run diverse programs with all the space the kids need. Most daycare providers do not have access to a gym making any physical activity difficult, especially in the winter months.

Kidz360 programs are designed by Early Childhood Educators and Fitness Professionals, to ensure your family is getting the best possible experience!

At Kidz360 we believe in creating long lasting relationships with the kids and their families. Unlike daycare, your child does not need to change programs when they start Grade 1. Our program is offered to children from age 3.5-12 years old so they can grow with our program, and not have to change after kindergarten.

Kidz360 is a local business run by a family of the neighbourhood, who has been providing services to the schools in need of after care since full day kindergarten has been offered at King George. Please feel free to stop in, see our space and meet our team!

For more information please feel free to contact us or stop by!



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