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Health specialists call for children to have at least 1 hour of physical activity every day. What better way than to incorporate that into something the family needs, like afterschool clubs and evening programming? While parents are finishing their day at work, children can enjoy new fitness and teambuilding activities every day after school with our specialists at Kidz360. Our programs are designed by fitness professionals along with Early Childhood Educators to ensure the children are engaging in activities that will help them as they grow into healthy adults. Focusing on balance, coordination, strength and leadership skills our boys and girls clubs are perfect for children between the ages 4-12 years old (JK – Grade 6). Every day after school our specialist from Kidz360 will pickup after class and walk them over to our one of a kind Fitness & Teambuilding Centre in Toronto. Serving the Junction, Bloor West and High Park communities, your children will take part in two programs “Kidz In Motion” and “Teambuilding 4 Kidz” in our state of the art KidzGym, Active Learning Room and Social Room!

Available Programs:


KIDZ-IN-MOTION-KIDZ-360TB4K_360All-In-One: Before & After school Fitness & Team building Programs

The perfect mix of “Kidz In Motion” and “Team building 4 Kids” designed for kindergarten and school age kids all in one great program. These programs, while educational and beneficial, are also popular among parents looking for specific boys clubs or girls clubs to enroll their children in after school. These specialized programs actually make learning fun, and they just might make a couple of friends along the way. Currently we offer pickup and drop off service to King George JR Public School, James Culnan Public School, and Humercrest Public School. Our programming is designed to help children stay healthy and live an active lifestyle every day!

Before School Programming (Monday – Friday)
7:30am – 8:30am “Teambuilding 4 Kids”

After School Programming (Monday – Friday)
4:00pm-4:45pm / 5:00pm-5:45pm “Fitness & Teambuilding Sessions”

*Excluding School Holidays. PA Day & Day Camps Available


TB4K_360Team Building 4 Kids (“Boys & Girls Clubs”)

Our “Team building 4 Kids” programs create an environment in which your child feels comfortable exploring their strengths and weaknesses. Whether your child is shy or extroverted, our various structured programs help promote social activity, team building and creative problem solving through active play. Our program focuses on challenges that children will face as they go through their school years, such as bullying, self-confidence and leadership skills. Get your kids started on the pathway to health and fitness through fun learning activities!

*Please check registration calendar for enrolment.



KIDZ-IN-MOTION-KIDZ-360Kidz In Motion (“night gym”)

Our “Kidz in Motion” fitness programs specializes in group activities that focus on balance, coordination and overall body awareness. We make being active FUN through relay races, obstacle course and other engaging fitness activities. Say goodbye to boring afterschool programs, and say hello to Kidz in Motion!  If you have an athlete in training or just want your child to burn some energy “Kidz In Motion” is the program for your child. 

*Please check registration calendar for enrolment.


Kidz360 Camp

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